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About Me

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach

I started my fitness career in teaching group fitness classes, then directing the Miami University Recreational Sports Center Group Fitness Program.  My emphasis was always on positive body image, and focusing on feeling healthy, strong, and enjoying the exercise and moving your body. I received my Master's in Health and Exercise studies at Miami University in 2002, with a focus in nutrition.​

I have had my own health and fitness journey starting at about age 17.  I was 25 pounds overweight and tried every diet possible, including starvation and binging (disordered eating). It wasn't until I learned the importance of proper nutrition and exercise - especially weight training - that I started a healthy trajectory on my wellness journey. 


Over the years I have learned from numerous experts, books, certifications, personal study, and conferences what "healthy" means to me, and how to have balance and enjoy my life.  I don't believe in "good" and "bad" foods - all food is fuel and has a place in the diet.  I am a huge advocate of just moving your body daily, but also enjoy walking, cycling, Pilates, walking my dogs, and weight training. ​


There are many ways to lose weight and to maintain that weight loss. The methods can be simple, but changing a lifestyle is not!  I believe in slowly implementing healthy choices one step at a time with you in the driver's seat.  I am here to guide you - not to tell you what to do. You know your body best and what motivates and works for you.  We work together as a team to capitalize on your strengths to make changes that will work for you.

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